Froukje van Wengerden
 Born in 1988, I grew up in Bartlehiem (Friesland) on a shipyard with my mom, dad and sister. 
My father gave me a small photocamera when I was thirteen years old.
I photographed the flat surroundings and hated them. I loved watching American films.
Now I'm a documentary filmmaker who likes to film faces and flat surroundings.
2012 - 2016 Netherlands Film Academy, directing documentary
2010 -2011 University of Antwerp, Master Filmstudies & Visual Culture (cum laude)
2009 - 2010 Technical University of Delft, Architecture (propedeuse cum laude)
2006 - 2009 University of Amsterdam, Bachelor Media & Culture (cum laude)
2000 - 2006 Stedelijk Gymnasium Leeuwarden